Rolling in the Deep (TB)

TB (divisi) and piano

Adele’s #1, Grammy award-winning smash hit arranged as a Blues stomp for lower voices and piano. The perfect beginning or end to any set.

About this arrangement

4 minutes 20 seconds.
Tenor (E3 – F#4, some divisi) and Baritone/Bass (B2 – D4, some divisi) voices and piano.
Difficulty: Easy

Notes: Each verse starts with the voices in unison before the texture gradually thickens to two, three then four parts.
The constant, driving crochet pulse in the piano part gives the piece an instant momentum that never lets up until the very end.
The suggested handclaps are on-beat (not off-beat as per the original) for clarity. The on-beat handclaps are in time with the piano part (above) and add to the overall drive and excitement of the arrangement.

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