Streets of London (CCBar)

C(C)Bar and piano

Ralph McTell’s folk classic is both thought-provoking and achingly beautiful. This brand-new arrangement is written for boys changing voices in either 2 or 3 parts.

About this arrangement

6 minutes 40 seconds.
 Cambiata (F#3 – F#4), Baritone (B2 – B3, C#3 – B3 possible using optional changes) voices and piano. There is an additional, optional, 3rd vocal line which can be sung by either Cambiata or Baritone voices (E#3 – C# or D#4).
Difficulty: Easy

Notes: The main melody is initially sung by the Cambiata voices (with harmony lines in the Baritone and optional parts).
A gentle modulation prior to verse 3 allows the Baritone line to sing the main melody line whilst a Cambiata countermelody maintains interest.
The piano accompaniment is gently arpeggiated in a folk guitar style.

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