Human (CCBar)

CCBar and piano

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s #1 hit (and winner of the Brit Award for British Single of the Year 2018) in a brand-new, heartfelt arrangement for boys’ changing voices.

More Information

3min 30 sec
Cambiata 1 (F#3 – F#4, A3 – F#4 possible using optional changes), Cambiata 2 (F#3 – D4), Emerging Baritone (D3 – A3) and piano.
Difficulty: Easy

Optional changes in the Cambiata 1 part replace many F#3s with A3 or C#4; ideal for younger singers who might find the lower note hard to reach.
‘Alt’ notes should be sung by both the Cambiata 1 and the Cambiata 2 lines in unison whenever they are used.
The tune is equally shared between the Cambiata 1 and Cambiata 2 parts.
Optional finger snaps are highly recommended and enhance the piano groove.
There is an optional Cambiata solo at the end of the piece, and the beginning of each verse offers a further solo opportunity if desired.

Formats Available

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