Simple Gifts (Flexi BCV)

Flexible: C, Bar/Tr and piano

A gently upbeat, funky arrangement of the traditional song for Cambiata & Baritone OR Cambiata & Treble voices. Ideal for less experienced groups, this would make a dynamic opening number for any concert or set.

About this arrangement

Duration: 2 mins.
Difficulty: Easy
Voicing: Cambiata (F#3 – F#4 or G#3 – F#4 using alt.), Baritone (B2 – B3 or C#3 – B3 using alt.) OR Treble (B3 – B4 or C#4 – B4 using alt.) and piano.

An accessible and hugely enjoyable 2-part arrangement suitable for all changing voice groups.
The melody is initially sung by the Cambiata part, with the Baritone /Treble part taking up the main tune in verse 2.
Verses 1 and 2 start with the melody line only, but in the final verse there is an optional harmony line in the Baritone / Treble line.

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