Someone You Loved (Flexi BCV)

Flexible: C, Bar/Tr and piano

Lewis Capaldi’s #1 chart-topping ballad in a new arrangement for Cambiata & Baritone OR Cambiata & Treble voices. Ideal for beginner and experienced groups alike.

About this arrangement

Cambiata (F#3 – F#4), Baritone (B2 – B3 or C#3 – B3 using alt.) or Treble (B3 – B4) voices and piano.
Difficulty: Easy

Notes: An accessible and hugely enjoyable 2-part arrangement suitable for all changing voice groups.
The melody is equally shared between both parts, with Part 2 (Baritone or Treble) singing the melody in the verse and middle 8.
An optional Baritone divisi adds richness to the chorus.
The final chorus may be sung unaccompanied for effect.

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