Radio Ga Ga (CCBar)

CCBar and piano

One of Queen’s biggest ever hits in a brand-new arrangement for boys’ changing voices.
An ideal introduction to singing in harmony for beginner groups or those with less choral experience.
Handclaps compulsory for singers and audience alike!

More Information

Duration: 3min 20 sec
Cambiata I (G3 – F4), Cambiata II (E3 – C4), Emerging Baritone (C3 – B3) and piano
Difficulty: Easy

The part writing is designed to develop groups’ confidence singing in harmony; at the start, all parts sing in unison before the vocal texture expands to three parts. Each part sits comfortably in the middle of the relevant vocal range. Long, sustained phrases in the Cambiata II and Baritone help focus on breathing, tone and blend.

Formats Available

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