Erlking (CCBar)

CCBar and piano

On a dark and stormy night, a father and son gallop through the forest in a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of the malevolent Erlking…

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Difficulty: Easy - Moderate
Duration: 4 minutes
Voicing: Cambiata 1 (F#3 (G3) – G4), Cambiata 2 (E3 – Eb4), Baritone (Bb3 – C4)

Ian Crawford's arrangement of Schubert's famous and brilliantly dramatic Erlkönig enables choirs to explore dramaturgy and storytelling.
In addition to singing together as a chorus, each voice part sings in role as either the bewildered father (Baritone), his terrified son (Cambiata 2) or the malevolent Erlking (Cambiata 1)
Text is in English, with an accessible piano part simplified from Schubert’s original. A slightly adapted version of Schubert’s original piano part is also available from OUP, for use with this arrangement.

Formats Available

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